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Elia Abada, Advocate

Elia Abada, Advocate

Born in Israel in 1988. Graduated from the College of Law & Business in Ramat-Gan in 2013 and obtained a Law degree (LL.B). Completed her internship in Tel Aviv District Attorney’s office (civil law) in the domain of tort law. Member of the Israel Bar Associations since 2014. Joined the firm as an attorney in 2021. Fluent in Hebrew and English.

Advocate Abada is highly experienced in civil law field with an emphasis on municipal and public corporations, local authorities, associations and government companies, Providing ongoing legal counsel including in the domain of civil law, labor law, tender law, audit procedures on behalf of the regulation authorities (The State Comptroller, Ministry of Interior and its units, The Wage Commissioner and others). She also engaged in litigation at civil courts in all levels and tribunals.

Main expertise: civil and municipal law, municipal corporations’ law, regulation authorities’ audits and litigation at civil courts.