- since 1968 -

About us

Kaplan Alon Gur - Law Office was founded in Jerusalem by Advocate Yoram Kaplan in 1968. The senior and managing partners of the firm are Advocate Daniel Alon and Advocate Ella Gur. Advocate Meirav Knoller joined the firm in 2011 as associate partner. The office is located in Ramat Gan and Jerusalem. Our offices employ associate attorneys, of counsel attorneys and legal interns as well as secretarial and administrative staff. The firm maintaining ongoing working relations and collaborations with leading law firms and accounting offices in Israel and overseas.

The firm has an extensive client base that includes public authorities, municipals, governmental and municipal companies, business corporations, non-profit organizations, public and private institutions and organizations, business entrepreneurs and private clients, and others.

The firm specializes in an extensive range of civil law, with an emphasis on commercial and business law, public and administrative law and tender law, offering the clients ongoing legal counsel on a permanent (retainer) and occasional basis, as required. Our main areas of practice and expertise include: commercial and corporation law, tender law, real-estate law and realestate attachments, NPOs, labor law, public and administrative law, constitutional law, intellectual property, and libel and privacy protection law.

The firm also provides litigation services at all civil courts and tribunals, as well as maintaining relations for clients with government offices and other state authorities, the Knesset and its committees and prominent financial institutions.

The firm has acquired extensive expertise in the field of tender law, including representation of tender formulators (mainly in the public sector) and bidders in various tenders in all processes of the tender. Such representation requires the firm to take an active part in preparing tender documents, participating in tender committees, providing legal counsel to tender committees and furthermore representing tender preparers and bidders in legal proceedings in court.

The firm both independently and collaboratively with others, initiates and organizes, from time to time, seminars and courses in its areas of practice intended for audiences of law firms, accounting offices, directors and other executives in business corporations and NPO organizations as well as government officials. In addition the firm distributes, on a regular basis, legal reviews on issues related to the various areas of practice for the use of firm clients and others.

The firm particularly emphasizes the implementation and integration of professional excellence, with innovation and high service awareness, as well as original and creative thought, as well as the ability to accommodate legal services to the specific and special requirements of each client.